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RUDESTI (Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institutes)

Rural development and self employment training institutes started in 29 march 2007 by Central Bank Of India with an object of providing self employment training to the rural youth. Total 57 program conducted  for training of 1377 youth in various programs like Beauty Parlor, Tailoring and cutting, Mobile Repairing and other youth developmental activities. 369 training youth started employment/ business of which 346 by own are family member financial assistant and 96 trained youth are working in different areas of employment/ (on wages basis). Total persons engaged in employment constitute  60% of the total trained youth. Youth’s training is provided by Lead Bank (Central bank officer) and trained master trainer NABARD Officials , State Govt. Officials etc.

Address : A-61, Tagore Nagar, Opp.TilamSangh , Rawatbhata Road- Kota (Raj.) 324005
Telephone No.- 0744 -2010091

Financial Inclusion

Indian economy in general and banking services in particular have made rapid strides in the recent past. However, a sizeable section of the population, particularly the vulnerable groups, such as weaker sections and low income groups, continue to remain excluded from even the most basic opportunities and services provided by the financial sector. In order to address the issues of financial inclusion, the Government of India constituted a “Committee on Financial Inclusion” under the Chairmanship of Dr. C. Rangarajan. The Committee submitted its final report to Hon'ble Union Finance Minister on 04 January 2008.

The Committee on Financial Inclusion has defined Financial Inclusion as "the process of ensuring access to financial services and timely and adequate credit where needed by vulnerable groups such as weaker sections and low income groups at an affordable cost.”

Among other recommendations, the Committee has recommended setting up of two funds - Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) and Financial Inclusion Technology Fund (FITF). The two funds have been established with NABARD which is the coordinating agency of Financial Inclusion initiatives with Financial Inclusion Department (FID) as the nodal department.
Under this services Lead Bank and others Banks operating in district are trying to cover maximum villages under this program by providing the services at villages level through its business correspondent ( Who is villages level computer literate persons providing shall provide all financial services Narega Payment , Daily Deposit , Daily recovery and follow up and processing of small loans opening of new a/c through business correspondent , Business facilitators.


Bank of Baroda is convenor of SLBC in Rajasthan. The Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda is the ex-officio Chairman of the Committee.

The SLBC is located in the Zonal Office of Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office, Anand Bhawan, IVth Floor, Sansar Chand Road, Jaipur.

The basic philosophy of the Committee is to secure co-ordination amongst the Banks, Government and other development agencies. The SLBC is pioneer forum in ensuring timely and adequate credit to Agriculture non-farm sector and other priority in Rajasthan in a co-ordinated manner.

This has helped a lot in enhancing development level of the State particularly in last 2 and half decades.

Simultaneously the forum is also been effectively instrumental in implementing the Government Sponsored Schemes so much so that various agencies look forward us for sorting out various issues which impede the process of development.
1. SLBC is an inter-institutional forum for co-ordination and joint implementation of Development programmes and policies by all the financial institutions / Government agencies in the State.

SLBC, Rajasthan
1. The responsibility of SLBC Convenorship in Rajasthan is with Bank of Baroda.
2. This forum came into existence in the year 1978-79.
3. They are three sub – committees of SLBC
4. Sub-Committee of SLBC for MSME
   Sub-Committee of SLBC for R-SETIS
   Sub-Committee of SLBC for Underbanked District/Block

SLBC and lead bank jointly work for development of district / State by providing financial services particularly poor weaker section, minority, SC/ST , Agriculture farmers.

Role of Nabarad

Promote sustainable and Equitable Agriculture and Rural Prosperity through Effective Credit Support, Related Services, Institution Development and Other Innvoative Initiatives. Providing subsidy for e.g. Agriculture and rural development ( Animal husbandry and farm mechanization )Preparation and monitoring potential link financial development and all poverty elevation program. Having its district development office at kota.

FLCC  --Financial literacy and Credit counseling Centre

  • To provide free financial literacy / education and creditcounselling

  • To  provide  counselling  services  through  face  to  faceinteraction; through media like email, fax and mobile,etc.

  • Education on responsible borrowing; proactive and earlysavings

  • To  educate  people  on  various  financial  products  andservices

  • To   create   awareness   on   the   advantages   of   beingconnected with formal financial systems

  • To  formulate  debt  restructuring  plans while in distressNot to act as investment advice / marketing centres

It organizes outdoor and indoor  programs to spread financial literacy amongst public .In 2014-15 60 outdoor programs was held by FLCC . 3999 peoples (2447 male and 1552 female)  took participate in these outdoor programs .  Like outdoor programs , 435 candidate  took  participate in indoor programs .

Address : A-61, Tagore Nagar, Opp.TilamSangh , Rawatbhata Road- Kota (Raj.) 324005
Telephone No.- 0744 -2010091


Current financial year special Program : Lead Bank and Nabard Jointly Sponsored A all India Radio Kota Program covering 13th weeks every Wednesday under Chambal Choupaal time 7.00 p.m. to 7.45 p.m. covering financial inclusion and financial literacy , Credit Counseling role of Business correspondent in Narega Payment agriculture payment etc. Lead Bank organized banking program ( Particularly financial inclusion cum literacy in National Dashera Mela Kota from 7th oct. to 27th Oct. 2011